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The HKUST School of Science Office of Academic Advising and Support (OAAS) aims to provide academic advice and support to 4-year science students. Our advisors are here to support and strengthen your development as you progress through your academic journey. Learn more about us. >



Important Dates

Oct 2014 29
Science Majors Week - ENVS
Oct 2014 30
Science Majors Week - LIFS
Oct 2014 31
Science Majors Week - PHYS
Nov 2014 03
Science Majors Week - IRE
Nov 2014 04
IPO Majors Day


Feb 2014 25
SCIE1000 Science School Induction

Details of the course can be found on LMES

Oct 2014 29
Science Majors Week 2014

Click here to Check out the schedule of our Science Majors Week 2014! Don't miss the opportunity to win an iPad Mini! 

Our Vision

About the 4-year curriculum..

In this short video, you will learn about all the important information about the 4-year curriculum and academic advising structure. View it NOW!