Choose your Major/Minor

Choose Your Major/Minor

Choosing a major is an exploratory process that involves careful investigation and responsible decision making. You can follow the different steps to find out an area of study that matches your interest, abilities and values.

Remember, you are unique. What you find fascinating maybe not be the same for others. We hope you can find YOUR major that brings you passion!

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your skills, interests, personality and values



the list of major/minor offered



the major pre-requisites for your intended major



with the advisors to discuss your study plan



out when and how to declare your major



your major declaration application on time!

List of Majors

List of Majors (2015/16 Cohort)

For other cohorts, please refer to the UG Curriculum Handbook

To declare for these majors, you will have to fulfill the major pre-requisites BEFORE declaration of major. Click on each major to view their curriculum in PDF format.

School of Science

Environmental Science (ENVS)

  • International Research Enrichment Track

Division of Life Science

Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB)

  • International Research Enrichment Track

Biological Science (BISC)

Biotechnology (BIOT)

  • International Research Enrichment Track

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry (CHEM)

  • Biomolecular Chemistry Option
  • Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Option
  • Material Chemistry Option
  • Pure Chemistry Option
  • International Research Enrichment Track

Department of Physics

Physics (PHYS)

  • Applied Physics Option
  • Physics and Mathematics Option
  • Honors Physics Option
  • International Research Enrichment Track

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics (MATH)

  • Applied Mathematics Track
  • Computer Science Track
  • Mathematics and Physics Track
  • Pure Mathematics Track
  • Pure Mathematics (Advanced) Track
  • Statistics and Financial Mathematics Track
  • International Research Enrichment Track

Mathematics and Economics (MAEC)

Major/Minor Declaration

Major Declaration

After you have fulfilled ALL the major pre-requisites, you can start to plan for your declaration of major!

When should I declare my major?

There will be two rounds of application:

1) During the spring term in the 1st year
2) During the fall term in the 2nd year

Submit the major declaration form by deadline. Late application will NOT be considered.

Tip: You are strongly advised to join the 1st round where majority of the program quotas are expected to be filled.

What are the selection criteria and process?

For science majors (not including IPO), your result for the best 4 science foundation lecture courses at HKUST will be the primary selection criteria. Interviews and other means of evaluation will be used if necessary.

During the application review process, you are initially considered for admission to your first-choice major, and then your second-choice major.


How to declare my major?

  • Decide on the majors that you want to declare (maximum of THREE choices - for 2014/15 cohort)
  • Make sure you have fulfilled all the major pre-requisites*
  • Submit the Major Declaration Form by deadline

* You can check if you have fulfilled the major pre-requisites by logging into the Student Information System and go to "My Academic Requirements"

When will I know the result?

Upon appropriate approval, you will be notified of the result by the School of Science through email.

You will NOT be allowed to reject the major offer. However, you can apply transfer to another major after the conclusion of the 2nd round application at the earliest. You are recommended to discuss with your faculty mentor and student advising officer before making such decision.

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.


Minor Declaration

What are the minor programs offered in HKUST?

For the list of minor programs offered, you can visit the Program Catalog.

When should I declare my minor?

You can register in the minor program after declaring your major, no later than the last day of add/drop period in the first regular term of your final year of study.

How to declare my minor?

Declaration for a minor may requires the approval of the Minor-program Coordinator. A form of Declaration of Undergraduate Minor Program can be downloaded from Admission, Registration and Records Office's website.

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.


Additional Major Declaration

When can I declare an additional major?

You can declare an additional major after you have been successfully admitted to a first major program, and before the last day of the add-drop period of your second regular term of the final year of study.

How to declare an additional major?

Declaration of an additional major requires the approval of the corresponding Program Director. If you want to declare a Science program as an additional major, please download the form here and follow the instruction. Otherwise please contact the offering department directly.

Want to know more? Read the FAQ.