How Advising Works

How Advising Works

Pre-Major Student

Meets with:

Student Advising Officer

The advising office has a group of experienced advisors who will assist students in understanding university policies and regulations, utilizing resources and working cordially with students. They will also assist students in interpreting academic requirments and identifying other experiences that will enrich students' university life and learning.

Pre-major Faculty Advisor

They are trained faculty members from different departments/divisions who provide advice to students on major and course selection, and information about graduation requirements.

Peer Mentor

The advising office also works with peer mentors in helping students adjust to the new environment in their first year. Students are assigned to a peer mentor who will assist them in navigating the campus as well as directing them to the appropriate academic or administrative departments for further assistance when needed.

Student WIth Major

Meets with:

Faculty Mentor

Each student, after delcaring his/her major, is assigned to a Faculty Mentor of his/her major. Students can get both major-specific information and advice on their educational goals from their Faculty Mentor. 

Academic Program Advisor/ UG Program Coordinator

 The UG Program Coordinator and the Academic Program Advisor will work collaboratively to oversee the academic request and progress of students in their majors.

Advising Timeline

    AUG 2018 8
    School Induction (Part I) - For JUPAS students

    - Program Registration
    - School Welcome

    AUG 2018 9
    School Induction (Part II) - For JUPAS students
    • Course Selection 


    AUG 2018 22
    School Induction for International and Mainland Students

    - School Welcome
    - Introduction to Curriculum

    AUG 2018 25
    MAGNET Welcome Party
    SEP 2018 3
    Fall Term Commences
    OCT 2018
    Science Majors Week
    DEC 2018
    Second-round Major Declaration Period (2017/18 cohort)
    DEC 2018
    Early round Major Declaration (2018/19 cohort)
    FEB 2019 15
    SCIE1000 First Lesson
    MAR - APR 2019
    Meet with your Pre-major Faculty Advisor
    FEB - MAY 2019
    Meet with advising staff
    APR 2019
    Major Declaration 2018/19 - 1st Round
    JUN 2019
    Result Announcement of 1st Round of Major Declaration
    AUG 2019
    Major Welcome Day