Meet your Advisor

Meet Your Advisor

To ensure you can graduate on time, we strongly encourage you to meet with your advisor at least once per regular term in the first year. As a university student, you are ultimately responsible for your academic progress. Be proactive!

Preparing for your Appointment

Preparing for your Appointment

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Student's Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Advising is a collaborative partnership that assumes shared responsibility between student and advisor. Therefore, students are expected to participate proactively in the process. Student’s responsibilities include:

Be proactive in scheduling and participating in appointments with advisors
Keep your advisor informed about your academic progress, performance and career goals
Be prepared to explore your personal values, academic interests and abilities
Know the basic university and school requirements for your degree
Accept ownership of your academic decisions and behaviors
Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern

Student Learning Outcomes of Academic Advising

The student learning outcomes of academic advising are guided by the University's mission, goals, curriculum and co-curriculum. These outcomes articulate what students can know, do and develop as a result of participating in academic advising.

Information - What information should the student learn through academic advising?

  • Understand the university registration policies, regulations and procedures
  • Understand the graduation requirements for his/her degree


Skills - What skills should the student learn through academic advising?

  • Use complex information from various sources to set goals, reach decisions, and achieve those goals
  • Develop a coherent educational plan based on assessment of abilities, aspirations, interests, and values

Development - What developmental changes should the student be able to demonstrate due to academic advising?

  • Cultivate the intellectual habits that lead to a lifetime of learning
  • Prepare to be educated citizens capable of social and civic responsibility

Confidentiality Statement

We respect your right to privacy. All sessions with an advisor will remain confidential except in cases which we may be ethically or legally bound to disclose certain information.

Information obtained in the course of advising is maintained and used for a number of academic and administrative purposes consistent with the mission of the Office of Academic Advising and Support.


Please complete the Student Feedback Form and submit it to the Office of Academic Advising and Support if you have an issue that would like us to research and advocate on your behalf.