Study Tips

I have so much to do...but so little time

We are all blessed with 24 hours each day; however, sometimes the workload in university seems to be never-ending. Start reflecting on your time-management skills, as it is closely related to your academic success! 

  • Set goals and organize your time
  • Do the most difficult task during hours when you feel the best
  • Prioritize the IMPORTANT and URGENT task
I cannot concentrate on my study…

When you begin to study, you might realize that your mind start wandering. To improve your concentration, the best way is to find out what keeps you from focusing! Begin by asking the following questions:

  • Are you committed to study?
  • Do you feel enthusiastic about it?
  • Do you feel competent?
  • Do you feel energetic? Are you in good mood?
  • Is your mind occupied by other things?
  • Is your environment suitable for study?
I am lazy…

Have you ever put off your study day after day, until exams approach? "I am lazy" is just an EXCUSE. If you allow this attitude to continue, it will definitely affect your study. Start making changes by:

  • Reminding yourself of the CONSEQUENCES
  • Starting to CARE about what you are doing
  • BELIEVING that you can do it
I do not know how to organize my notes...

In university level courses, you might realize that a lot of information is covered in a short amount of time. Note taking skills is vital for you to organize information, which will aid your study significantly later. Here are some tips for you:

  • Use your own words
  • Underline or star important points
  • Add examples
  • Paraphrase with your own words
  • Diagram relationships between information

Remember to review your notes! Retention increases by reviewing the notes within 24 hours.

I am very anxious during test/exams...

We all experience some level of anxiety during tests/exams. However, it becomes a problem when anxiety affects your ability to prepare and perform. You can read through the following articles on ways to manage test anxiety. (If you need further assistance, come and talk to us!)

There is too much to remember...

To become more efficient in your study, you can start by making good notes and improving memorization skills. You can also explore your own learning style as we all have preferred ways of understanding and organizing information.

I don't know how to prepare for my exams...

Start preparing for your exam as early as possible! It is also helpful to…

  • Attend all the classes
  • Prepare good notes
  • REVISE and REVIEW frequently
  • Form a study group
Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations

Learning about the academic policies will be helpful to you during your study at HKUST.  It might be of particular importance for you to know about: