SCIE 1000

SCIE 1000

Science School Induction

SCIE 1000 is a one-year course designed for all year 1 science students led by faculties, staffs and peer mentors. It provides induction activities to help students adapt to university life, and to understand the program structure of the school and the meaning of university education.

Course Details

SCIE 1000 Course Details
Number of Credit: 0 Credit
Course Grading: Pass/Fail (P/F)
Course Duration: 2 Terms (Fall & Spring)
Course Requirement for Fall Term: EIGHT Compulsory + ONE Personal Development Plan + ONE adjustment survey
Course Requirement for SpringTerm: FOUR Compulsory 
Assessment: Attendance 
Attendance: 100% 


Intended Learning Outcomes

SCIE 1000 Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Know how to schedule appointments with their academic advisor and utilize advising services appropriately to meet graduation goal.
  • Be aware of important policies and deadlines and understand how to access the information (e.g. calendars, catalog, and academic advising services).
  • Know how to prepare for advising session, mechanisms and timeframe for declaring their major, and how to prepare for post-graduation plans (graduate school, employment, internships, life goals, etc).
  • Become familiar with campus resources
  • Express their opinions and concerns in both small and large group settings
  • Develop teamwork skills

2021/22 Schedule

SCIE1000 Schedule

Fall Term 2021/22
EIGHT Compulsory Sessions + TWO Assignments

10 SEP First Class
17 SEP Introdcution to Common Core Education
24 SEP Introduction of Co-curricular Activities 
SEP - 6 DEC Alumni Sharings (online)
8 OCT Anti-deception Talk (Non-local students only)
18 - 29 OCT Science Majors Week
SEP - NOV Peer Mentor Chit Chat Session
5 or 12 NOV DiSC Personality Assessment Part I - Understanding yourself
19 NOV DiSC Personality Assessment Part II - Understanding Relationship (Optional)
By 6 DEC Complete a personal development plan
By 6 DEC Complete an adjustment survey




Spring Term 2021/22 
TWO Compulsory Sessions

4 FEB  Details of SCIE1000 in Spring Term
Late February
to June
Personal Development Consultation Session
March to May SCIE1000 activity



How do I check my progress?

SCIE 1000 How do I check my progress

To keep track of your progress, please login to CANVAS.