Understand your Curriculum

Understand Your Curriculum

The Four-year School of Science Curriculum includes the following elements:

To graduate, you must earn at least 120 credits in approved courses, or through credit transfer.

School Requirements

School Requirements

IT course (ONE course from the list)

COMP 2011Programming with C++3
COMP 1021Introduction to Computer Science3
COMP 1022PIntroduction to Computing with Java3
COMP 1022QIntroduction to Computing with Excel VBA (For 2019-20 cohort or before)3
COMP 1001Exploring Multimedia and Internet Computing (For 2018-19 cohort or before)3

English Language Course

LANG 2010English for Science I3

Science School Induction

SCIE 1000Science School Induction0

Science Foundation courses should include 8 courses:

1. SEVEN foundation lecture courses, including at least 1 lecture course, but no more than 3 lecture courses, from each discipline: LIFS, CHEM, MATH and PHYS.

OCES 1030Environmental Science3 CHEM 1004Chemistry in Everyday Life3
LIFS 1901General Biology I3 CHEM 1010General Chemistry IA3
LIFS 1902General Biology II3 CHEM 1020General Chemistry IB2
LIFS 1930Nature of Life Science3 CHEM 1030General Chemistry II3
LIFS 2210Biochemistry I3 MATH
PHYS MATH 1003Calculus and Linear Algebra (For 2012-13 to 2014-15 cohort)3
PHYS 1001Physics and the Modern Society3 MATH 1012Calculus IA (For 2015/16 cohort and after)4
PHYS 1111General Physics I3 MATH 1013Calculus IB3
PHYS 1112General Physics I with Calculus3 MATH 1014Calculus II3
PHYS 1114General Physics II3 MATH 1020Accelerated Calculus4
PHYS 1312Honors General Physics I3 MATH 1023Honors Calculus I3
PHYS 1314Honors General Physics II3 MATH 1024Honors Calculus II3
OCES MATH 2023Multivariable Calculus4
OCES 1030Environmental Science (For 2019/20 cohort and after)3 MATH 2121Linear Algebra4
  MATH 2131Honors in Linear and Abstract Algebra I4
2. ONE laboratory course
CHEM 1050Laboratory for General Chemistry I1 LIFS 1903Laboratory for General Biology I1
CHEM 1055Laboratory for General Chemistry II1 LIFS 1904Laboratory for General Biology II1
PHYS 1113Laboratory for General Physics I1  
PHYS 1115Laboratory for General Physics II1  

Additional Required Course for IRE Track:

1. FOUR research courses

SCIE 1500Guided Study on Research I1 SCIE 2500Guided Study on Research II1
UROP 1000 or UROP 1100Undergraduate Research Opportunities Series 0/1 SCIE 3900International Summer Research Experience3
2. Additional Science 2000-level or above Electives (Any 6 credits of the subject and level as specified and approved by advisor)

Some courses used to fulfill Major and/or School Requirements can also fulfill University Common Core Requirements. Students may reuse a maximum of 9 credits of these courses to count towards Common Core Requirements.

Some foundation courses are also Major Requirements; these courses may also be used to fulfill BOTH requirements.

For students who are accepted to the IPO, you will have to fulfill another set of requirements. Please refer to the Interdisciplinary Programs Office.


University Common Core Requirements

University Common Core Requirements

You have to fulfill the University Common Core Requirements by completing 36 credits of courses in the following areas:

  • You will complete the same set of requirements regardless of the major discipline of study
  • Before course registration, check the course lists to ensure that you are selecting current common core courses to satisfy the Common Core Requirements.

For more information, you can visit the website of Undergraduate Core Education Office.