Social Services & Tours

The School also emphasizes students’ awareness of serving the
. Various service learning opportunities, both within and
outside Hong Kong, are provided for students to serve others while
fostering their self-confidence and interpersonal skills.

Besides social service programs, the School also holds short study tours to
let students experience other cultures and widen their horizons.

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SCI/NUCLEUS Social Service Team

In Spring 2015, the School established the social service team SCI/NUCLEUS and mobilize a group of students as Social Leaders to drive the team. The mission of SCI/NUCLEUS is to build a close network among Science students, alumni and staff who are with passion for serving the community together.


Highlights of SCI/NUCLEUS:

- All Science students, alumni and staff are welcomed

- Lifelong membership is given once joined

- Each year, a group of passionate Social Leaders are recruited as executive committee to lead the team with support from the School

- Members can check on records of activities and hours served

- Gathering activities such as parties, award presentation ceremonies, showcase and sharing events are organized

- The top ten achievers and the Best Social Leader are awarded annually


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SCIE 1090C Service Learning Program: Developing Leadership Through Service Learning

In collaboration with CEO Global , the Business School and the Engineering School, this 2-credit course is offered to nurture students’ leadership and other professional skills through serve learning.


Highlights of the course:

-  Lectures held by guest speakers, ranging from international education experts, senior manager of well-known enterprises to experienced corporate training experts

-  Multiple learning modes used, including experiential activities, discussions, self-assessment

-  Various topics covered, including values and attitudes, leadership principles, relational skills, career planning and personal development

-  Students engaged in small group community service projects by putting into practice of the core values, principles and skills learned in the course


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SCIE 1090D Underwater Robot Community Engagement Project

Cooperating with Business School and Engineering School, this 2-credit course aims at promoting the importance of applying iSTEAM (Inclusion, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) into community education. Students from different schools form groups with service targets (primary and secondary students including South Asian Youths and SEN groups) to participate in an Underwater Robot Competition.


Highlights of the course:

- Understand the limitation of served groups

- Guide served groups to apply theoretical knowledge on building underwater robots

- Acquire skills of event management throughout the project

- Serve as a platform for students across Schools to cooperate with each other


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SCIE 1090E Wofoo Grace Nursing Home Project

Science, Business and Engineering Schools join hands to offer students an opportunity to serve the elderly people at the Wofoo Grace Nursing Home. Students are required to visit the elderly people regularly and help them to produce a booklet of their life stories.


Highlights of the course:

- Appreciate the beauty of aging and gain inspiration on life planning

- Help preserve elderly’s memories and turn them into a memoir

- Understand the need of the elderly people and show respect to them

- Equip with essential communication skills by mingling and interviewing the elderly people


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Cambodia Social Service Program

Co-organizing with Happy Tree Social Services, the Cambodia Social Service Program has been held since 2010. Apart from serving the needy in other parts of the world, students are also given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills, e.g. by delivering science-related activities to the children in Cambodia. 

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Sichuan Cultural Study Tour

The School signed a student exchange agreement with Sichuan University in 2010. Since then, study tours to Sichuan have been arranged during summer. Students in the tours are given opportunities to learn about the cultural, historical and social aspects of Sichuan by immersing themselves into the community and communicating with the students there. 

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LOHAS Sai Kung Community Service Program

In Spring 2011, the School started to collaborate with Sai Kung District Office and Sai Kung District Community Centre to hold LOHAS. Under this program, various activities are offered to allow students to choose based on their interests and schedule. 

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Northern Guangdong Service Learning and Cultural Inspiration Tour

The Education Development Program (EDP) has run several cultural study tours to Nansha, Panyu and Shaoguan in recent years. Students joining the tours have the opportunities to experience village life, have science workshops with local children, help restore plaques, etc.

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Website of The Northern Guangdong Service Learning and Cultural Inspiration Tour

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Tsinghua Physics Study Tour

In December 2012, the School collaborated with Tsinghua University to run the tour. The tour covered talks on current development of the Mainland and visits to local attractions like Wangfujing and the Great Wall. Besides, visits to Tsinghua campus and chances to attend classes as auditors were also arranged for students. 

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Sichuan Social Service Program

To share care and love to the people in Sichuan, a place where has been severely damaged by the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, groups comprising of our professors and students have visited Sichuan since June 2009. Apart from visiting the families living in the temporary housing areas and the primary schools there, the groups also met with the non-profit organizations and local authorities to know more about the relief and reconstruction progress after the earthquake. 

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